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​​Adoption Fees
Puppies under 6 mo. $350
Dogs 6 mo. and up  $250

Hypoallergenic dogs $300 

Adoption Fees cover
Spay/ Neuter, Basic exam, Rabies vaccine,

 Parvo / Distemper vaccine series,

​Deworming and Microchip

I want to adopt a dog I found on the site. What's the next step?

The best way to find out more about a pup is check out our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. When you are ready, fill out an adoption application and be sure to fill out every section before submitting. This does not mean you are required to adopt or that you are the only application. This is to let us know you are interested in a particular dog. We forward the applications to the fosters to review and try to find best match for the dog/puppy. Since the foster knows the dog/puppy best, we believe they are best suited to find an ideal home for their foster pup. If you are selected, the foster will reach out to set up a meeting. This meet is to determine if the dog is a good fit with your family, your current pets, and your home situation. At this meet the foster and you can determine if the dog is a good fit and move forward with the adoption.  All dogs that come into rescue must be vetted prior to adoption, meaning they need multiple vaccines, spayed/neutered, all medical concerns addressed, and their personality and demeaner assessed. Although we post them as soon as they arrive in rescue, it does take some time to complete their vetting, so please be patient as we complete this process. WE WILL CONTACT YOU IF SELECTED! We require home checks before we release any dogs for adoption. We must also meet all of the family members in the home as well as any other pets in order to assess how the dog will react and fit. This is to ensure the safety of all of our dogs. Quite often, we get several great applications for one dog, and while many different families could be good options, we can only chose one. Please do not get discouraged. Feel free to submit as many applications as you are interested in or list several dogs on your application. In a perfect world, every application would get the dog they choose and every dog would have a home. We continue to bring more dogs into rescue as other dogs are adopted so there are plenty of opportunities to find your perfect match.

How often do you hold adoption events and where are they held?


We generally try and have an event at least every two weeks on Saturday. The adoption events are held at PetSmart in Tempe - 1140 W. Elliot Rd., Tempe, AZ, between 11AM -2PM.